Auto-favorite on Twitter, good or bad idea?


More and more services are created in order to help users of social networks to automate some actions.

This is why some Twitter users, in a need to make their reputation grow quickly, use a method called auto-favorite.

Auto-favorite: what is it?

This function allows the user to define a trigger. Automatically, the tweets that fire the trigger will be added in his favorite list. The trigger could be for instance a #hashtag.

The favorite list of a Twitter account is a public list. But I doubt that it’s really consulted by the followers, except if the Twitter account is really famous in its topic.

According to this statement, you may be wondering what the interest in the auto-favorite function is.

Follow the latest news about a topic

It may help you for the monitoring of a topic. Twitter doesn’t send a notification each time someone is talking about your topics of interest, but thanks to the auto-favorite, you can find everything that is happening around a topic in your favorite list.

Of course if you use social medias you might be following more than one topic. That’s why an auto-favorite list is not enough for a good monitoring of these topics and you would rather use specific social media monitoring tools such as Hootsuite, Social Mention, Twazzup, Addictomatic, IceRocket, TweetDeck

Get more followers

The author of the tweet is notified if his tweet has been favorite, so is his ego. He will probably take a look at your own profile. And if your tweets are about the same topic you used as keywords in your trigger, it may interest him so he will start to follow you: congratulations, your number of followers is increasing!

Nevertheless, if you don’t have anything else to offer to your new follower, this may not lead to a quality relationship and he may soon unfollow you.

On the screenshot on top of this article, you can see that I posted a tweet including the #hashtags #Facebook and #SocialMedia and, as a result, no fewer than six twitter accounts automatically added my tweet to their favorites. If I consult their profiles, I can see they have between 850 and 6.500 favorite tweets each. Moreover, they don’t tweet any unique or interesting content, they mostly retweet stuff, and they don’t talk about #SocialMedia or #Facebook as the auto-favorite could have suggested. They don’t even speak the same language as my original tweet. To make it short, because of this auto-favorite function, they look like spam accounts.

Automation can not replace quality

To conclude, auto-favorite is not a miracle tool. Developing one’s reputation on internet definitely requires time and real commitment.

Obviously, having numerous followers is more attractive as it may imply the Twitter account behind this number is trendy. But the most important is that this community must be real indeed and interactions must be possible and actually happen between the followers and the Twitter account.


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